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School provides an excellent international experience in most modern contemporary yet safe environment. It keeps pace with the changing times and technology in order to provide enriching learning experience to the students.

  • Today world is advancing day by day. Everything is now digital. To make our students will equipped soldiers of future, we had well equipped computer laboratory with internet facilities. In their regular lab periods they learn new programs of computers and enhance their knowledge.
  • It is in the laboratory that students learn to practice the activities of scientist, performing procedures, collecting data, and thinking of new questions to explore in their physics laboratory periods. How does a microscope work? Etc. all these activities and experiments they learn in regular periods of physics lab.
  • “Learning by doing” by adopting this method our students learns many new experience in the chemistry lab periods ‘How plants make their food in the presence of sun light and water this photosynthesis experiment brings students closer to nature and they learn many new experiments by doing in the regular periods of chemistry lab.
  • Differences between plant cell and animal cell, is observed by students with the help of microscope. How can a little pupa change into a big and colorful butterfly in such that experiments students learn a lot while watching the real experiments in the periods of Biology lab? It improves their latent talents, makes teaching enjoyable and prepare future scientist to the world.
  • A digital revolution! Airy and clean class room powered by the world’s latest digital revolution technology. It includes digital resources such as graphics, animation, 3D images and video clips in addition to the chalk methods of teaching. It provides a lively learning platform for students.

    To make learning well advanced we provide one regular period for smart class. With the use of interactive modules like videos, and presentations, visually attractive methods of teaching enhances knowledge of students and they store the information fast and more effectively. It makes the education innovative. Regular periods of smart class for all classes make learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic.
  • A well-stocked library and learning center provides scholarly atmosphere to the scholar. It provides individual learning

    Books, newspapers, periodicals, Magazines, are the main features of St. Mary’s Library. In all classes have one regular period of library where students march in a row, sits on chairs, selects the books of their choices, and read in library and enhance their knowledge. With the Library cards they can get books issue for seven days.
  • The school develops physical fitness, sportsmanship, co-operation and team spirit. To ensure that every child gets a chance to participate games.

    Games and sports are indispensable part of life “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” In all classes there is one games period. Where students play indoor and outdoor games. In indoor games they play chess, carom etc. To remove the dullness of life, to develop the spirit of sportsmanship, to enhance the qualities of leadership for overall development of a child in game. Outdoor period’s students play kho-kho, Tawekwondo, Kabaddi etc. we full elation when our students win gold medals in state level championships.
  • To enhance the knowledge school conduct every year Olympiads of different subjects and for this extra periods also arranged to help students to solve their problems. In these periods teachers try to make students expert in their subjects and help them to solve their problems and gives them support to increase their knowledge.
  • Every year we are climbing on a milestone of success with the help of our innovative and dedicated teacher’s team for this we organize monthly workshop of different subjects to enhance our teacher’s knowledge and make them expert in their fields.

    In teacher training workshop we trained our efficient teachers more experts in their subjects and make them aware of new way of teaching and well advance technology.
  • Every year we are climbing on a milestone of success with the help of our innovative and dedicated teacher’s team for this we organize monthly workshop of different subjects to enhance our teacher’s knowledge and make them expert in their fields.

    Guidance is a continuous process of helping the individual develops to the maximum of his capacity in the direction most beneficial to himself. It help our students seek the information needed to make decisions and choose the best alternative out of various choices. It also assists them to develop desirable attitude interest and ideals. It helps teachers to diagnoses weak points in study areas of students by observing & diagnostic testing and they provide suitable remedial.
  • The P.N.C. and N.C. classes act as a transition between home and the school. Hence we ensure that the children enjoy and spend their best time in school.
  • School provides safe & filtered water to school children. To save our students from infectious diseases. School provides filtered water to our students.
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